5 Signs you Need a Brake Inspection Near Riverton

Brake inspection signsWe can’t stress the importance of having your brakes checked in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines. Here are the primary brake inspection signs all motorists near Riverton should be on the lookout for. These symptoms apply to standard and automatic transmissions alike.

5 Signs of Pending Brake Failure

Your car may have a warning light to warn you when a part may not be functioning normally. However, these warning lights are not a replacement for recognizing signs that something isn’t right. With respect to your brakes, here are the symptoms to look for.

1. Grinding, clicking or screeching sounds when you engage the brakes. Be specific about the type of sound you hear, and when your ear picks up on it: Does it happen every time you brake or only sometimes?

2. Vibrating or pulsing from the brake pedal. This problem is quite commonplace and requires immediate attention from a professional technician.

3. If you have to press the pedal nearly all the way to the floor to bring the car to a full stop, then something is wrong with the brakes. 

4. The brakes grab the moment you engage the pedal. Typically, you need to apply a gradual and consistent amount of pressure before the car begins decelerating. If you notice this type of immediate brake grabbing, it may be an indicator of a serious issue.

5. Pulling to one side when you apply brake pressure. In this scenario, the car is no longer safe for operation and requires a professional diagnosis. 

Notice These Brake Inspection Signs Near Riverton?

Contact Conrad’s Auto Transmission for servicing of your car brakes. The brake system comprises a network of interlinking parts and requires professional maintenance. The brakes are subject to the same wear regardless of car model and drivetrain type.

Don’t Ignore Brake Inspection Signs Near Riverton

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