Expert Drivetrain Repair & Service in West Jordan

Your vehicle’s drivetrain (also known as a driveline) connects your its engine to its wheels through the transmission, differential, transaxle and/or driveshaft. There are also CV and/or universal joints along that route, and the highly experienced team at Conrad’s Auto Transmission can quickly inspect and diagnose any drivetrain problems your vehicle may be experiencing.

Drivetrain Repair is Sometimes Needed

drivetrain repairOver time, the combination of heat, moisture and pressure causes gear oil to break down or become contaminated, causing it to no longer be an effective lubricant. If left unattended, unlubricated gears and joints wear out. Your vehicle’s drivetrain fluids must be checked and changed on a regular schedule to reduce wear and maximize the life of drivetrain components. All-wheel and four-wheel drive differentials have to work harder than the conventional two-wheel drive differentials. If you drive this type of vehicle, it’s even more important to keep to the drivetrain service schedule.

Another cause of the need for drivetrain repair is damage caused by impact or abuse of some type. For example, all-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles have differentials that work harder than conventional two-wheel drive differentials. If you drive this type of vehicle – and especially if you drive it off-road, it’s even more important to observe the drivetrain service schedule. And if you go ‘four-wheeling’ and notice vibration or noise afterward, come see us right away before extensive drivetrain system damage occurs.

Drivetrain Service in West Jordan

drivetrain repairDrivetrain service is recommended every 30,000–50,000 miles for most cars, and 12,000–15,000 miles for all-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation for your particular make and model.

Service includes:

  • Remove worn lubricant from manual transmissions and front and rear differentials, transaxles and transfer cases
  • Replace the lubricant in above
  • Install additive package or gear oil required for vehicle

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Expert, Affordable Drivetrain Repair & Service

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