Expert Automatic Transmission Repair in West Jordan

automatic transmission repairYour automatic transmission is one of the most complex components of your vehicle. When you need automatic transmission repair, choose a shop with a reputation for high-quality work, reasonable prices, and great customer service.

Expert Automatic Transmission Repair in West Jordan

The highly experienced technicians of Conrad’s Auto Transmission perform detailed diagnostics to determine the exact cause of the problem so you can know what the issue is before any transmission repair work begins. If you’ve noticed any of the following issues, they may be signs of a failing transmission.

Difficulty Shifting
High Revving
Lagging Acceleration
Slipping Gears

We service all makes and sizes of vehicles, fully explaining your options and NEVER suggesting any repair that isn’t really needed. We use only quality OEM parts for our transmission repairs or rebuilds, so you can have complete confidence when hitting the road again.

Automatic Transmission Rebuilding

automatic transmission repairMany of our customers wonder what the difference between transmission rebuilding and replacement is. Rebuilding involves disassembling your transmission, carefully inspecting all parts and systems, and replacing any worn or damaged parts, known as ‘hard parts’. Then we reassemble your transmission to factory specifications, including new gaskets, clutches, seals and bands, known as ‘soft parts’.

Automatic Transmission Replacement

Transmission replacement refers to the removal of your damaged transmission to replace it with another, re-manufactured one. Re-manufacturing differs from rebuilding by including later design updates that the factory didn’t include in the original design of the transmission. This might include modifications to the valve body, better quality friction material, or the machining of internal parts that extend the life of the transmission or enhance its performance.

Which is best for you? It depends on a number of factors including the age of your vehicle, the scarcity and cost of replacement transmissions, etc. Our technicians can inform you of your options so you can make the best choice for your particular vehicle and circumstances.

One Stop for All Your Automatic Transmission Repair Needs

If you need automatic transmission or standard transmission repair in West Jordan or the greater Salt Lake Valley area, call us to arrange an appointment. We handle major and minor transmission repair, drivetrain service and repair and more. Don’t ignore a small issue that could turn into a big one. Maybe your transmission is just low on fluid or needs a fluid change. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly, helpful service representatives, and let us help you make the right choice. We love helping our customers save money.  Seriously!

Quality Automatic Transmission Repair & Service You Can Trust

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