Common Standard Transmission Repairs in Herriman

standard transmissionDo you own a vehicle with a standard transmission? If so, taking care of your car is the best way to offset premature wear. It’s impossible to avoid standard transmission repair forever, though. Even with annual maintenance, you’ll eventually need to take your vehicle to an auto service. Detecting potential issues early can save you time and money, as problems will be addressed before it worsens. Here are the most common standard transmission problems all car owners should be aware of.

Slipping Clutch

The clutch transfers power from the engine to the transmission. A clutch that slips can be extremely problematic. Your vehicle will likely rev but remain motionless. This is something you should have a specialist inspect ASAP.

Sticking Clutch

When your clutch goes down but doesn’t return to the original position afterward, then it’s “sticking.” If you have problems with a sticking clutch, you need to see a manual transmission expert right away. This problem won’t go away by itself.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

Another sign you may need manual transmission repair is when you have a hard time shifting gears. When this occurs, it’s likely due to a problem with an internal or external transmission part. It could also be an electrical issue.

Need Standard Transmission Repairs?

Do you need manual transmission repairs for your car? Don’t put off seeing a professional technician. Contact Conrad’s Auto Transmission of Salt Lake Valley to schedule an appointment. We’re happy to take a look at your vehicle and perform any needed transmission or drivetrain repairs. Browse our website for more information about our company and services. You can also call us at (385) 707–1087 to make an appointment.

Professional Standard Transmission Repairs

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