What Is Causing a Slipping Transmission in West Jordan?

slipping transmission, transmission problemsHave you been having troubles with a slipping transmission in West Jordan, Utah? Common indicators of a transmission slip include high RPM, delayed acceleration, difficulty reversing, burning odors, trouble shifting, and unusual noises when shifting gears. Your check engine light may also flash on. These are problems you should not overlook; waiting to resolve them can lead to more damage and pricey repairs. While you should book an appointment with a transmission specialist ASAP, it can be useful to understand the leading causes of a faulty transmission in West Jordan.

Low Fluid Levels

A common reason your transmission may be slipping is the fluid level nearing empty. Other issues may arise out of this, including engine overheating and gear malfunction. Since transmission fluid is a closed system, the most likely culprit for problems is a leak. Continue Reading →

What to Do With a Slipping Transmission Near Salt Lake Valley

transmission slipping, transmission slippageAre you concerned that your auto transmission is starting to slip in Salt Lake Valley, Utah? Transmission slippage is a complex problem and can be costly to fix. If your transmission hesitates or makes a whirring sound when you accelerate, it might be time to talk to a transmission specialist. Take the following steps if you suspect something may be amiss with the transmission.

Inspect the Transmission Fluid

A common cause of a slipping transmission is low transmission fluid. If you notice the transmission is slipping, refer to the user manual on how to check the fluid level. Refilling transmission fluid as necessary will help prevent costly repairs.

Check for Fluid Leaks

If the transmission exhibits signs of slippage, look on the ground where you typically park the car. Dark-colored fluid on the floor is a strong sign of leaking transmission fluid. If you find yourself often replacing the fluid, then you might have a recurring leak, perhaps from a loose or ruptured hose. Continue Reading →

Transmission Problems You Should Never Ignore in Cottonwood Heights

transmission problemsAre you having difficulties with your car in Cottonwood Heights, Utah? You might have transmission problems. It’s important that you talk to a transmission specialist ASAP; procrastinating can lead to more damage down the line. You should never turn a blind eye to the following transmission issues.


It’s time for transmission repair on your car if you notice slipping. This usually happens while you’re driving. It will seem as if your car has shifted gears on its own and you’ll likely hear a loud sound coming from the engine.

Difficulty Shifting

The shifting process between gears should feel smooth. If your vehicle feels like it’s refusing to switch gears, or you hear a loud clunking/thudding noise while shifting, seek professional servicing immediately. Continue Reading →

Clutch Repair Indicators Around White City

clutch repair indicatorsDo you drive a manual transmission car or truck in White City? If so, can you tell when you need clutch repair? A malfunctioning clutch is no laughing matter and needs attention from your transmission shop ASAP. There are a number of clutch repair indicators to look out for. Book an appointment with a transmission specialist if you notice any of the following signs of a possible clutch malfunction.

Gears Are Slipping

Your car’s transmission shouldn’t slip out of gear or jerk forward when you shift. When this occurs, it’s a sign that clutch repair might be necessary.


Is it difficult to push your clutch down? Does it fail to return to its normal position after pressing it down? Seek clutch repair immediately because there’s likely an issue with the hydraulic linkage. Continue Reading →

Signs You Need Drivetrain Repair Work Around Taylorsville

drivetrain repairYour drivetrain is an essential component of your vehicle. It connects your car or truck’s engine to the drive axles and, while made to last, it’s not immune to troubles. It’s a good idea to have drivetrain repairs addressed early on because procrastinating can lead to further damage to your vehicle and result in expensive visits to your local transmission shop. If you notice any of the following signs, book an appointment with a transmission technician ASAP.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

A clear indicator that you require drivetrain repair is if you have trouble shifting. This may manifest in several ways, including the gearshift feeling off or shifting difficulties that come and go. Continue Reading →

Benefits of an Automatic Transmission Near South Jordan

automatic transmission benefitsDoes your vehicle have an automatic transmission? Automatic cars and trucks are very commonplace today, in part due to their simple driving mechanics. While automatic transmissions still require regular maintenance from a trustworthy transmission specialist, they do provide an easier driving experience. Consider how the automatic transmission benefits streamline your daily commuting.

Transition Between Braking and Accelerating

In bumper-to-bumper traffic, you often switch quickly between accelerating and braking. Automatic transmissions make this transition profoundly easier because the driver doesn’t have to control a clutch. Automatic transmissions are also less likely to stall, which can be embarrassing and inconvenient for less experienced drivers.

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Regular Transmission Maintenance Extends Your Vehicle’s Lifespan in West Jordan

transmission maintenanceTransmission repairs aren’t only complex, they’re time-consuming and expensive. While a trip to a transmission repair shop is sometimes unavoidable, the goal is to avoid it whenever possible. Accomplish this by having a professional transmission technician perform routine transmission maintenance. Follow these useful tips to keep your automobile running and performing optimally year-round! 

Get Regular Oil Changes

One of the most vital parts of proper transmission maintenance is scheduling routine fluid changes and flushes. Keeping the internal elements of your transmission healthily lubricated is essential. Depending on the fluid and transmission type, you should have your car’s oil changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Continue Reading →

Benefits of a Manual Transmission Near South Jordan

manual transmissionAre you deciding whether an automatic or manual transmission better suits your driving preferences? There are pros and cons to each option. Before making your decision, it’s a good idea to speak to an automotive technician. He or she will be able to explain and discuss the differences in detail with you. Before you visit a transmission repair shop for assistance, consider the following upsides of choosing a car with a manual transmission.

More Power

Cars with manual transmissions are known for boasting more engine power. The transmission is robust and has the ability to handle very high torque loads. Continue Reading →

Common Standard Transmission Repairs in Herriman

standard transmissionDo you own a vehicle with a standard transmission? If so, taking care of your car is the best way to offset premature wear. It’s impossible to avoid standard transmission repair forever, though. Even with annual maintenance, you’ll eventually need to take your vehicle to an auto service. Detecting potential issues early can save you time and money, as problems will be addressed before it worsens. Here are the most common standard transmission problems all car owners should be aware of.

Slipping Clutch

The clutch transfers power from the engine to the transmission. A clutch that slips can be extremely problematic. Your vehicle will likely rev but remain motionless. This is something you should have a specialist inspect ASAP. Continue Reading →

Automatic Transmission Care Tips

automatic transmission careTaking good care of your automatic transmission is important. The better care you give, the fewer issues you’ll have, and the longer the transmission will last. No one wants to pay for automatic transmission repair, but you can’t hold it off forever. While repair costs will vary depending on the year and make of your vehicle, proper automatic transmission care and maintenance will limit the need to visit an automatic transmission repair shop. Here are a few tips to help prolong the life of your transmission.

Check the Transmission Fluid

While examining the transmission fluid isn’t a complicated job, many car owners rather leave it to a transmission technician. Checking the level and color of the fluid regularly will extend transmission life.

Flush Your Transmission Occasionally

Flushing your transmission is essentially changing the fluid, just like you do with the motor oil. Transmission fluid changes don’t need to happen as frequently, though. A transmission flush about once a year sounds about right.

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