3 Signs You Need Urgent Transmission Repair Near Draper

If you’re not mechanically inclined toward cars, you might not immediately recognize when your car needs transmission repair. Here are three of the most noticeable signs of trouble so you can immediately make an appointment with your drivetrain mechanic.transmission repair near Draper

Your Transmission Overheats

The car’s transmission will generate a burning smell if it’s overheating. If your car has a transmission warning light, that may light up, too, so it’s worth knowing exactly what your dashboard warning lights mean. Continuing to drive with either symptom of a bad transmission could lead to irreparable damage to your vehicle.

There’s a Transmission Fluid Leak

Any pooling liquid under your car could be cause for concern, but transmission fluid can be hazardous. You can recognize it by its rosy red color, slippery texture if you rub it between your fingers and an odor similar to oil. Please be cautious if you drive your car to the mechanic, as low transmission fluid can cause the transmission to overheat or prevent you from shifting gears.

You Can’t Shift Gears Easily

When the transmission works well, your car shifts easily between park, drive and reverse. But if gears feel stuck, it’s a sign that the transmission fluid could be old or low. 

Does Your Car Need Transmission Repair Near Draper?

Any time you have concerns about your car’s transmission, you can bring it to us for quick and convenient service. Our crew at Conrad’s Auto Transmission has many years of experience performing maintenance and repairs on both automatic and standard transmissions for civilian and fleet vehicles. In addition, we routinely perform drivetrain repairs, so you can count on us for all of your automotive needs. See the difference that friendly and reliable service makes for you. Contact us to set up an appointment for transmission repair today! 

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