Noisy Car? It Could Be the Transaxle–Learn When to See a Drivetrain Specialist Near Riverton

The transaxle is a crucial part that keeps your car running, so you’ll want to book an automotive service appointment immediately when you notice signs of trouble. In simple terms, the transaxle helps connect the transmission with the wheels, so they rotate with appropriate speed and force. So if you notice the red flags described here, talk to a drivetrain repair technician as soon as you can before you’re left stranded at home, work or the side of the road.drivetrain mechanic, Murray

Gear Trouble

Maybe the transmission slips as you drive, or you’re having trouble changing gears. It’s a significant clue that there is a problem with how your transmission functions. These problems typically worsen until the car becomes undrivable, so getting a prompt inspection can help limit the damage.

Loud Noises Coming From the Car

If the transaxle needs attention, it commonly causes loud noises when you’re driving. These are sometimes described as grinding, thunking or a heavy metallic sound that’s just “not right.” It’s worth getting your mechanic’s assessment to know the cause of that noise.

Transmission Fluid Leak

If the transmission doesn’t function as it should, it cannot work correctly with the parts around it that make the wheels turn. A common cause of transmission problems is a fluid leak. A puddle of fluid under your car–even a small one–requires a mechanic’s attention immediately.

Does Your Car’s Transaxle Need Attention from a Drivetrain Mechanic Near Riverton?

Our crew at Conrad’s Auto Transmission has years of experience performing maintenance and repairs on both automatic and standard transmissions for civilian and fleet vehicles. In addition, we routinely perform drivetrain repairs, so you can count on us for all your automotive needs. See the difference that friendly and reliable service makes for you. Contact us to set up an appointment with a qualified drivetrain mechanic today! 

Get Your Transaxle Looked At and Keep Your Car Running Reliably

By a Reputable Drivetrain Mechanic Near Riverton

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