How Your Driving Affects Your Need for Transmission Service Near Salt Lake Valley

It’s easy to think of your transmission as part of your engine that isn’t affected by much, but your driving habits actually go a long way in determining how often it needs the attention of a qualified mechanic. Learning how your driving affects your car will help you get the most out of your vehicle and reduce the need for transmission service. transmission flush service in Magna

How You Drive Most Frequently

How and where you typically drive plays a big part in the longevity of your transmission. Off-road, highway and local driving each stress your car, which can lead to problems. Quick acceleration, or “flooring it,” also makes your transmission work harder, so keep that in mind when changing lanes on the highway or regaining speed after the light turns green at an intersection.

The Weight of Your Vehicle

Heavy loads increase the work required by the engine’s mechanical parts that carry the added weight, including the transmission. Hauling heavy loads on a regular basis may require more frequent transmission service. Driving a heavier vehicle also means some engine parts will wear out faster due to the extra work.

Setting the Parking Brake on an Incline

Instead of relying on your transmission to keep your car in park, using the parking brake will physically keep your car from moving, especially when you’re parked on an incline. You’re counting on the transmission to do extra work if you skip it, which will wear it out faster. 

Do You Need Transmission Service Near Salt Lake Valley?

Our crew at Conrad’s Auto Transmission has years of experience performing maintenance and repairs on both automatic and standard transmissions for civilian and fleet vehicles. In addition, we routinely perform drivetrain repairs, so you can count on us for all of your automotive needs. See the difference that friendly and reliable service makes for you. Contact us to set up an appointment for transmission service today! 

Dedicated Transmission Service for Automatic and Standard Models Near Salt Lake Valley

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