Signs of a Failing Transmission in South Jordan

failing transmissionAre you concerned that your car’s transmission is failing near South Jordan, Utah? Transmission problems can turn into an expensive repair if allowed to exacerbate. Unfortunately, a failing transmission won’t fix itself. You’ll need to bring your vehicle to a transmission specialist for diagnostics before repairs can start. We recommend booking an appointment with a professional mechanic if you notice any of the following signs of a faulty transmission.

Difficulty Shifting

While shifting gears requires coordination, it shouldn’t be hard to do. If your vehicle requires more effort than usual to change gears, take it to a transmission shop for a checkup ASAP. You may have what is known as “slipping” gears.

High Revving

As you accelerate, there shouldn’t be too much revving as you shift gears. If there is excessive revving, you might require automatic or standard transmission repair. Speak with an automotive technician immediately.

Lagging Acceleration

Another symptom of a faulty transmission is a lag in acceleration. You’ll likely notice this the most when you’re picking up speed on the highway/freeway.

Do You Have a Failing Transmission Near South Jordan?

Do you need to arrange transmission repair or replacement in South Jordan, Utah? Now that you know the signs to watch out for, you can spot the warning signs early and take action. Kicking the can down the road will only lead to more severe transmission wear. Bring your vehicle to Conrad’s Auto Transmission in West Jordan for prompt and professional assistance. We perform accurate diagnostics on all makes, models, and years. Apart from transmission repairs and rebuilds, customers also routinely come to us for drivetrain repair.

Failing Transmission Diagnosis Around South Jordan

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