Signs of a Worn Wheel Bearing in Draper

worn wheel bearingAre you concerned that your car has a worn wheel bearing in Draper, Utah? It can be tricky knowing when a wheel bearing or a wheel hub bearing is faulty. Identifying the symptoms, though, can help you recognize that there’s a potential issue. Making repair arrangements with a transmission specialist early can offset more severe damage, which in turn, will prevent costly repairs. Be observant of the signs of a worn wheel bearing and bring your vehicle to a local auto shop if you suspect something is wrong.

Strange Sounds

There are multiple unusual noises that can arise because of a problem with the wheel bearing. You may hear clicking, popping, knocking, clunking, humming, or growling sounds. Bring your car to a transmission shop for an evaluation ASAP.

Vibrating Wheel

You may notice that one of the car’s wheels is vibrating. While this could stem from a bad tire, faulty suspension part, or misalignment, it can also hint at a problem with the wheel bearing.

Side Pull when Braking

When the wheel bearing is loose, it can cause excessive runout. This can cause the brakes to pull or to pulsate. You may notice the car gradually veer to the side even when the wheel is straight.

Having Issues with a Worn Wheel Bearing in Draper?

Do you suspect you may have a worn wheel bearing in Draper, Utah? Now that you’re aware of the signs to watch out for, you’re better prepped to detect the issue early on. Never procrastinate in taking action! Contact the pros at Conrad’s Auto Transmission in West Jordan. Our team performs wheel bearing repairs as well as a number of other automotive issues like transmission rebuilds and drivetrain repairs.

Worn Wheel Bearing Repair in Draper

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