Common Transmission Repairs You Shouldn’t Ignore in Riverton

transmission repairHave you begun to notice that your car is handling differently in Riverton, Utah? You may need to arrange transmission repairs with a licensed transmission specialist. Holding off on much-needed servicing can have drastic ramifications on your car’s health; the damage may exacerbate, leading to more costly and time-consuming repairs. While there are multiple problems that can arise, the following are the most common causes for transmission hiccups.

Slipping Gearshift

Does the gearshift slip often? It may feel like the car is shifting gears when you aren’t. This may be accompanied by loud sounds. While this may appear to be a minor issue, it can be a symptom of a severe problem under the hood. You should arrange transmission repair right away.

Difficulty Shifting

Are you having difficulty shifting between gears? It may feel like the shifter is stuck at a gear and straining to move to the next gear. This isn’t a good sign and definitely warrants a trip to the transmission shop.

Slow Response Time

Is there a delay in response when shifting gears? Your car or truck should engage right away after shifting. If the delay is obvious, then something is clearly wrong and requires your immediate attention. The slow response will only get slower with time.

Need Transmission Repairs in Riverton?

Are you noticing transmission issues? Don’t delay professional assistance. Bring your vehicle to Conrad’s Auto Transmission in West Jordan today to get the help you need. Our crew is fully licensed and certified to work on transmissions for all vehicle makes and models, including commercial fleet vehicles. We have the training and equipment needed to perform all tasks to industry standards. Apart from transmissions, we also diagnose and perform drivetrain repair.

Transmission Repairs in Riverton

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