What Every Driver Should Know About Transmission Fluid in Millcreek

transmission fluid

How much do you know about transmission fluid and how it helps your vehicle operate in Millcreek, Utah? Learn why the fluid is the lifeblood of your vehicle and why changes at regular intervals are absolutely critical for keeping your car running optimally. A transmission specialist can help you keep your transmission in tiptop shape year-round.

Transmission Fluid Changes in Millcreek are Important

If you’re deciphering whether your car is due for a transmission fluid change, the answer is likely “yes” if you owned your car for several years and have never had the fluid changed. Follow your car’s user manual to determine when fluid changes are necessary. This varies significantly and can range anywhere between 30,000 and 100,000 miles.

Flushing May Not Be Necessary

While you may need a fluid change, it may not need a comprehensive flush. A flush is useful for removing excess sludge; however, it’s not always necessary and is usually only required for high-mileage vehicles that are prone to clogs. A transmission shop can determine whether you require a simple fluid change or a complete flush.

Forget About DIY Changes

The transmission is hard to access and can end up being a messy job. To access this spot, you may require commercial tools, such as a ramp, lift, and jacks. Don’t make any fluid change attempts that may compromise your car’s health.

We Perform Fluid Changes on all Makes and Models

Do you need to make an appointment with an auto shop in Millcreek, Utah? Now that you know more about the importance of transmission fluid, it’s time to schedule a visit with Conrad’s Auto Transmission. We service all vehicle types across all models and years. We perform checkups on both automatic and manual transmissions. Our service extends to drivetrain repairs.

Vehicle Transmission Fluid Experts in Millcreek

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