Driving Habits That Reduce the Lifespan of Your Auto Transmission in Riverton

transmission, auto transmission, driving habitsHow familiar are you with your car’s auto transmission in Riverton, Utah? Most motorists hardly ever take the time to contemplate the internal workings of their vehicle until a problem develops. Over time, this leads to driving habits that wear out the transmission. There are actually multiple habits that reduce the overall lifespan of this critical automotive component. Be mindful of the following driving methods and consider whether they pertain to your own habits behind the wheel.

Driving with a Cold Engine and Transmission

When it’s cold outside, do you let the engine warm-up before pulling out of the driveway? If not, you may be putting undue stress on the transmission. Cold weather causes the motor fluids to thicken. It’s not healthy for your car to force this fluid through the engine and transmission components. Instead, let the vehicle idle for one to two minutes.

Clutch Pressure

In manual transmission vehicles, avoid applying pressure on the clutch when pressing the gas pedal. Some motorists of stick shift vehicles have a habit of partially engaging the clutch while accelerating.

Choosing an Inexperienced Mechanic

Not just any general auto center will do. If you’re having issues with your auto transmission, book an appointment with a transmission shop. These shops have specialized mechanics who are familiar with the inner workings of the transmission on various car makes and models.

Instill These Driving Habits in Riverton

Do you need an auto transmission repair expert in Riverton? If problems are turning up, it’s imperative to have your car looked at ASAP by a professional. To get in touch with a mechanic, contact Conrad’s Auto Transmission in West Jordan to book an appointment today. Our crew members have the training and hands-on experience working with various transmission types of both national and foreign car brands. Remember, your driving habits have a huge impact on transmission health.

Good Driving Habits Equal Car Longevity in Riverton

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Posted on April 25, 2021 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business