What Is Causing a Slipping Transmission in West Jordan?

slipping transmission, transmission problemsHave you been having troubles with a slipping transmission in West Jordan, Utah? Common indicators of a transmission slip include high RPM, delayed acceleration, difficulty reversing, burning odors, trouble shifting, and unusual noises when shifting gears. Your check engine light may also flash on. These are problems you should not overlook; waiting to resolve them can lead to more damage and pricey repairs. While you should book an appointment with a transmission specialist ASAP, it can be useful to understand the leading causes of a faulty transmission in West Jordan.

Low Fluid Levels

A common reason your transmission may be slipping is the fluid level nearing empty. Other issues may arise out of this, including engine overheating and gear malfunction. Since transmission fluid is a closed system, the most likely culprit for problems is a leak.

Broken Transmission Bands

It’s possible that your transmission bands broke or are badly worn. These bands link automatic transmissions to the corresponding gears. When they break, they can lead to a slipping transmission. You’ll have to bring your vehicle to a transmission shop to replace them. 

Worn Gears

Like transmission bands, the gears can eventually become worn. This is typical and will occur as you rack up the miles. As the gears begin eroding, they stop fitting properly; this will manifest as shifting issues.

Experiencing Slipping Transmission Problems in West Jordan?

Is your transmission constantly slipping? It’s vital to talk to an auto mechanic ASAP. Contact the pros at Conrad’s Auto Transmission in West Jordan for an inspection and diagnostic. We assist with automatic transmission and standard transmission repairs, as well as drivetrain repair. Browse our website to learn more about our services. We’re happy to help you with all transmission-related hiccups!

Slipping Transmission Repairs in West Jordan

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