5 Signs your Transmission Needs to be Repaired

transmission repair signs

Transmission Repair Signs to Watch Out for in Arlington

Your transmission is an integral component of your car. If it breaks down, the repair costs can vary greatly. This is why you need to be aware of the transmission repair signs that alert you something requires immediate auto servicing.

1. Check Engine Light Flashes On

The light illuminates to indicate an issue with the transmission, among other problems. This applies to both automatic and standard transmissions. Take the car into a shop, and a technician will be able to use computer diagnostics to pinpoint the faulty issue. 

2. Burning Odor

If the transmission is overheating, you will be able to smell burning fluid. Normally, the fluid cools the transmission. However, the fluid can’t do its job if levels are low or it’s contaminated. An estimated one in five cars doesn’t have adequate cooling protection. Make sure you have this covered for your vehicle.

3. Transmission Is Making Noise

Keep your ears open for clunks and grinding noises, especially when your car is in neutral. You may need to add transmission fluid to your car or you may need something more complicated, such as replacing a transmission part. Abnormal noises indicate a severe problem that requires professional diagnoses right away. 

4. Car Slips Gears

If the car slips from one gear to another independent of your commands, it could lead to loss of control while driving. A car with slipping gears is unsafe for driving. Tow it or cautiously drive it to the nearest auto station.

5. Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaking from your transmission is easy to spot. If you notice bright or dark red fluid under the center of the car, take it to the mechanic. Transmission fluid may also have a brown appearance, without the greasiness of oil.

For fast, friendly service, call Conrad’s Auto Transmission the minute you notice these transmission repair signs. Well get you back on the road quickly.

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