5 Signs you Need a Brake Inspection

Brake inspection signsWhen you own a car, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for regular brake inspections. Failing to do so could put you, your family and other drivers on the road at risk. Between regular srvice intervals, pay attention to these 5 signs you may need a brake inspection.

5 Signs You Need to Get a Brake Inspection ASAP

Your car may have a warning light to alert you when something on your vehicle needs attention. But that doesn’t replace your own observations. If you notice signs of something unusual, even if the check engine light doesn’t come on, make an appointment for a brake inspection.

1. Grinding, clicking or screeching noises, especially when you apply your brakes. Be specific about the type of sound you are hearing, and when you are hearing it: Every time you brake? Occasionally? Constant sound?

2. Vibrating or pulsing of the brake pedal. This issue is not uncommon, but needs to be reported to a qualified service technician promptly.

3. Pushing the brake pedal almost as far as the floor before it engages.

4. The brakes grab right away when you push down on the pedal. Normally, you need to apply a steady amount of pressure before you start to notice that your car is slowing down or coming to a stop. If you notice this type of grabbing from your brake system, it could indicate a serious problem.

5. Pulling to one side when pressure is applied to the brakes. In this situation, the car is not considered safe to drive. You’ll need to have the brakes inspected right away.

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