Signs of a Failing Transmission in South Jordan

failing transmissionAre you worried that your vehicle’s transmission is failing in South Jordan, Utah? Transmission issues can be costly, especially if you leave them unattended. Unfortunately, a failing transmission won’t get better on its own. You’ll need to take your car or truck to a transmission specialist for diagnostics before work can begin. There are several ways to tell when there is a problem with your transmission. Schedule service as soon as possible if you notice any of the following signs of failure while driving in South Jordan.

Difficulty Shifting

While shifting gears requires good coordination, it should never be difficult to do. If your car or truck has a sticky gear shift, take it to a transmission shop for diagnostics right away. Your gears might be “slipping.”

High Revving

As you increase speed, there should be minimal revving when your vehicle changes gears. If your car or truck revs excessively, you might need automatic transmission repair or standard transmission repair. Talk to a specialists as soon as possible.

Lagging Acceleration

Another sign that your transmission is failing is lagging acceleration. You’ll probably notice this problem most when you’re attempting to increase speed while driving on the highway.

Need Transmission Repair or Replacement in South Jordan?

Do you need to schedule transmission repair or replacement in South Jordan, Utah? Now that you know which signs to look for, you’re better prepared to spot a problem early. Waiting can result in a more expensive and time-consuming shop visit. Contact the professionals at Conrad’s Auto Transmission in West Jordan for help today! We always provide reliable diagnostics, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer service. Our highly-trained and experienced team of technicians will get your vehicle back on the road in no time! You can also count on our shop for expert drivetrain repair.

Transmission Repair and Replacement in South Jordan

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