Driving Habits That Reduce the Lifespan of Your Auto Transmission in Riverton

transmission, auto transmission, driving habitsHow much do you really know about your auto transmission in Riverton, Utah? Most drivers rarely take time to consider the internal workings of their vehicle unless something is obviously wrong. Unfortunately, this ignorance can often lead to driving habits that cause you to need transmission repair. There are actually several habits that reduce the overall lifespan of your auto or truck transmission. By avoiding the following practices, you’re less likely to need the services of an auto transmission specialist in Riverton.

Driving with a Cold Engine and Transmission

When it’s cold, do you let your vehicle warm up before driving it? If not, you may be putting strain on your auto transmission. When your car or truck is cold, the fluids are often thicker. It’s not good to force this fluid through your vehicle. Instead, let it idle for a short period before changing the gear.

Shifting Gears When Moving

In an automatic transmission vehicle you should avoid shifting gears while your car or truck is moving. Shifting before your vehicle is completely stopped will damage the bands, which will cause serious problems for your auto transmission down the road.

Choosing an Inexperienced Mechanic

Not just any old auto shop will do. If you’re having problems with your auto transmission, you should schedule an appointment with a transmission shop. These service centers employ technicians who are familiar with how transmissions work and know best how to repair them.

Looking for a Reliable Auto Transmission Expert in Riverton?

Are you looking for a reliable auto transmission expert in Riverton, Utah? If you’ve noticed a problem with your vehicle’s transmission, you should have it inspected immediately. To speak with a professional mechanic, contact Conrad’s Auto Transmission in West Jordan to set up an appointment today. Our technicians are highly-trained, experienced, and ready to assist with all of your automatic transmission and standard transmission repairs, as well as drivetrain repair.

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