What Is Causing a Slipping Transmission in West Jordan?

slipping transmission, transmission problemsHave you been experiencing problems with a slipping transmission in West Jordan, Utah? Common signs of a slipping transmission include high RPM, acceleration delays, inability to reverse your vehicle, burning smells, difficulty shifting gears, and strange noises while shifting. Your check engine light may also activate. These are issues you should never ignore, because waiting to address them can result in additional damage and more expensive transmission repair costs. While you should schedule an appointment with a transmission specialist right away, it can be helpful to know some of the causes of a slipping transmission in West Jordan.

Low Fluid Levels

One of the most common reasons that your transmission may be slipping is low fluid levels. You may experience a number of different issues due to this, including overheating and gear malfunction. Because transmission fluid is a closed system, the biggest culprit for problems is a leak.

Broken Transmission Bands

It’s also possible that your transmission bands have become worn or broken. These bands link automatic transmissions to the corresponding gears and, when malfunctioning, can cause your transmission to slip. You’ll need to visit a transmission shop to have them replaced.

Worn Out Gears

Like transmission bands, your gears can also wear out. This is normal and will happen over time. As the gears become worn and frayed, they no longer fit together properly and will cause shifting issues.

Need Professional Transmission Services in West Jordan?

Is your transmission slipping in West Jordan, Utah? It’s important to speak with a specialist right away. Contact the experts at Conrad’s Auto Transmission in West Jordan for expert diagnostics. We can help with automatic transmission and standard transmission repairs, as well as drivetrain repair. For more information about our company and the services we offer, visit our website. We look forward to assisting you with your transmission problems in West Jordan!

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