Automatic Transmission Care Tips

automatic transmission careTaking proper care of your automatic transmission is important. The better care you take, the fewer issues you will have and the longer your transmission will last. No one wants to pay for automatic transmission repair, but it’s impossible to avoid the task forever. While the cost of repairs will vary depending on the year and make of your vehicle, proper automatic transmission care and maintenance will limit the need to visit an automatic transmission repair shop. Here are a few tips to help extend the life of your transmission.

Have Your Transmission Fluid Checked

While checking your transmission fluid isn’t a complicated task, many car owners prefer that a transmission technician do it. Checking the level and color of the fluid regularly will help your transmission last longer.

Flush Your Transmission Occasionally

Flushing your transmission is essentially changing the fluid, just like you do with oil. Transmission fluid changes don’t need to happen as frequently, however. Approximately once a year should be acceptable.

Don’t Change Gears While Driving

Changing gears in an automatic while driving can cause a lot of damage to your transmission. Avoid doing this at all costs. While you may not notice changes right away, it does wear down the transmission much faster and can result in the need for costly repairs.

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